Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Greetings from Slovenia!

Slovenia is a very small country with only 2 million people. In year 1991 we separated from Yugoslavia. Our country its small but diverse. We have beautiful mountains, lakes, blue-green rivers, a little bit of coast, very famous Carst (Kras) with the one of the biggest cave in Europe, vineyards with very good vine. They say Slovenia its a very well hidden secret. But now more and more tourist are coming to explore that beauty and kindness of our people.
Slovenia has two major towns. Ljubljana is our capital city and Maribor is the place where we have our music school situated.
Our school is something special because we all are musicians and we love music. This builds a strong bond between us. The name of our school is SREDNJA GLASBENA IN BALETNA ŠOLA MARIBOR. Our students are generally 6-18 years old, and we run an art gymnasium for those who are preparing for university studies. They regularly perform with our orchestras, participate and experience success in both national and internationalcompetitions, and are contracted for performances outside of school.
We also host masterclasses that are conducted by music teachers from around Europe. Apart from instrumental classes, we also teach ballet and singing.

Life on our school its very different from normal schools. We have to practice our instruments all the time and so we spent a lot of our time in the school. All of the students have there own teacher who teaches them how to play there instrument and how to create music.
We are looking forward to make this project come true. We will tell you all about our traditions and will get to know yours.

Petra Dobnikar

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