Friday, 18 January 2008

Hi Petra!

It's nice to know that this eTwinning team is also joining this Blog. Our colleague from Slovenia, Petra Dobnikar, has joined us on this space. We are now waiting for Lisa Jones, from Wales, and Zhivka Zaharieva from Bulgaria.

I would like to ask everybody to participate on the forum entitled Planning on our eTwinning Virtual Space.

Don't be afraid of contacting me if there is any doubt about the next steps you have to make. Our students are waiting and we are going to have a good time sharing our knowledge and experiences.

See you soon.

Friday, 4 January 2008

Fado - Portugal

I know that it's still too early but I would like you to watch one of today's most important portuguese singers of fado - our traditional song.

Click on and enjoy.


Dear colleagues,

As our group is almost complete, I think that we should decide how we are going to develop the project. My proposal is this:

* From January to June 2008

Let’s get to know each other: all the participant schools are going to prepare a small presentation of the group, the school, the location and country – till the end of February.
Our traditions: all the participant schools are going to prepare a presentation about their national traditions in what concerns dances and songs – till the end of April.
Clothes and instruments – all the participant schools are going to prepare a presentation about the traditional clothes and instruments that are used in their countries.

* From September 2008 to May 2009

All the participant schools are going to choose 2 traditional songs and record them - They’ll create audio files and have them ready till the end of December.
All the participant schools are going to rehearse, and record on Video, 2 traditional dances till the end of April.
All the work will be gathered in a digital support and shared amongst the participant schools.

This is just a group of ideas. We have a forum on eTwinning to discuss the way we want to develop our project. I’m counting on you. See you soon.

eTwinning label

Once again ... the eTwinning label. Our partner from Slovenia was added.

Slovenia has joined us

We're happy to announce that our team can count with Slovenia.

Welcome Petra Dobnikar.

Lithuanian partner school

Welcome Aurelija and Asta from Lithuania.

Aurelija Dirginciene

Asta Butkiene

Tuesday, 1 January 2008


Happy New eTwinning Year